Sustainable Sanctuary
Principle 1
Principle 2
Min Cost of Ownership

At KEENHOMES, our mission is to deliver high performance homes and commercial properties. We do this with integrity and innovation in design. We aspire to leave a legacy of buildings that year after year generate more energy than they consume. We help occupants of our buildings live happier, healthy lives.

KEENHOMES Commitment   #1

Dwelling as Sanctuary

We are committed to creating a healthy and comfortable living space that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

We invest meticulous attention to detail and a focus on:

  • Energy efficient thermal envelope resulting in reduced energy demand
  • Adoption of materials and methods in the design and construction of sustainable homes
  • Conservation in design to scale the home for your lifestyle

A KEENHOME will provide you with the sanctuary and comfort you expect in a new dwelling.

KEENHOMES Commitment   #2

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

We strive to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership for the lifetime of your home.

  • Reduced energy demand will lower your cost of occupancy and ownership.
  • High quality materials and methods will improve the durability of your home and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Your footprint does not need to be any bigger than you want it to be.

Ultimately, your demand for what is right for you and your family’s lifestyle dictates the choices how to design, construct and operate your home.

KEENHOMES Commitment   #3

Generate More Than You Consume

We include renewable energy systems in all of our dwelling designs.

  • A mix of solar, wind and battery storage systems are based on your geography.
  • Energy modeling optimized for your topography and site conditions.
  • Investment in energy generation is your first step to energy independence.

We all understand that resources are scarce and will become increasingly expensive. A KEENHOME positions you for advantage into the future.

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